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 EREIT Management Ltd


EREIT Management Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of The State Investment Corporation Ltd (SIC) acts as Manager of the Trust. A Management Agreement has been entered into between The State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (Trustee) and EREIT Management Ltd (the Manager) for the provision of management and administrative services to the Trust. The Manager operates according to licensing conditions issued by the Financial Services Commission.

The Board of Directors of EREIT Management Ltd is constituted as follows:

Mr. Jairaj Sonoo, CSK - Chairman

Mr. Goolabchund Goburdhun, G.O.S.K

Mr. Premode Neerunjun

Mr. Kritananda Naghee Reddy

Mr. Reeaz Mohumad Chuttoo

Mr. Hamritraj Boyjonauth


A Service Agreement has been entered into between EREIT Management Ltd as Manager of Employees Real Estate Investment Trust and Prime Partners Ltd for the provision of the following services:-

(i)   Registrar & Transfer Office

(ii)  Maintenance of Registry of Unitholder

(iii) Corporate and Secretarial Services

(iv) Administrative Services

(v)  Accounting Services   























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