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  Am I a Unitholder ?







As per the provisions of the Trust Deed, the Units are redeemable as from 31 March 2010. A Unitholder should complete and submit to Prime Partners Ltd, a redemption request together with copies of (i) National Identity Card (recto & verso) and (ii) bank details containing names and account number to initiate the redemption process. A redemption cheque will be issued to the Unitholder or the redemption proceeds will be credited to the Unitholder's bank account (see note below). The redemption price will be equivalent to the Net Asset Value per Unit (NAV) to be calculated by the Manager at the last working day of the previous month, less redemption charges.

N.B The bank account should be held in the name of the Unitholder's name only ( Bank accounts in joint names will not be accepted ).


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